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Ink Splashes is a website created from my peer Kore Zhong's collection of a hundred ink splash images. I created a version of a mind game where I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Airtable to create this database based site. The site opens to a set of cards that are facing downwards and you've to find the matching pair and the cards would animate in and come to the center of the site and create a sort of a butterfly effect. When you reset it, the cards jumble and you get a new set of cards with different images each time from the collections that you can look at by clicking on Mind Game. From that page you can add your own images as well by filling out a form.

Key Features:

  • Ink Splashes is a web-based game that challenges players to match pairs of ink splash images in an interactive and engaging way.

  • The game utilizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a dynamic and visually appealing experience for users.

  • The website is based on a database created using Airtable, which allows for easy management and organization of the collection of ink splash images.

  • The site includes a feature that allows users to add their own images to the collection, creating a collaborative and community-driven aspect to the project.

  • The butterfly effect animation used in the game adds an extra level of visual interest and excitement to the experience.

  • The project demonstrates a strong understanding of web development and programming concepts, as well as an ability to use these skills to create a unique and enjoyable user experience.

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