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Psychadala aka psychedelic mandalas, is a motion graphics project that showcases generative website and mandalas. The project features a hypothetical exhibition of psychedelic mandalas that are inspired by a previous generative design website. The exhibition features posters and a mock video that highlight the intricate designs and patterns of the mandalas.

Key Features:

  • The project is based on generative design techniques that create intricate and complex patterns.

  • The project focuses on mandalas, which are circular designs that represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

  • A mock video that showcases the intricate designs and patterns of the mandalas.

  • Designed as an exhibition, with animations and other materials that showcase the mandalas and their unique designs.

  • Utilized Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro to create the motion graphics and animation for the exhibition

  • Gained experience in video editing, motion graphics design, and animation techniques using industry-standard software

  • Developed skills in project management and organization, working with a large number of assets and files to create a cohesive exhibition experience

  • Learned the importance of storytelling in motion graphics and how to use visual elements to create a cohesive narrative

  • Experimented with different animation styles and techniques to create unique and engaging visuals for the exhibition

  • Gained a deeper understanding of how visual design can impact emotional response and create a memorable experience for viewers.

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