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Bewitching Growth of Passion


Bangalore, India

I have been very fortunate to grow up on the brim of Ranthambhore National Park in India. Having extended views of the Aravali hills from our backyard has given me a longing for art. 


I get my sixth sense to perceive in different perspectives from my artist father. I have always loved painting and sketching, it’s been a part of me and as my curiosity grew I wanted to learn different mediums which led me to explore and learn by experimenting, constantly learning from my own life and from others.

Just a while ago, before I made a decision to pursue communication design, I had explored fashion streams, fine arts, product design, typography, etc. After exploring all these different major options during my freshman year, I was certain that communication design is the best option for me. It has given me the ability to solve design problems keeping in mind the subject in concern, the material choices, the budget. My freshman year has taught me a lot from mastering photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, etc. to the study of materials and objects as history. I had studio classes, seminar lectures to make me think out of the box, Professors have pushed me to use my full potential and have better skills plus I worked in the workshops too, studying and understanding, and working with different materials. 


I have further diversified and grown myself as a student of The New School. It has been a prestigious opportunity to work with the dedicated faculty, I am certain that my artwork and graphic design skills have been taken to the next level. I have had the chance to take up so many typography intensive classes, creating my own books, and websites. Improving my visual design skills, and as always I am still not just working in communication design but also doing a minor in photography and some other extra classes like jewelry making, silk screen-printing and motion graphics.

While on my route to becoming a graphic designer, I have had the greatest opportunity to make my own fine jewelry at Parsons and wish to strongly pursue jewelry designing and production. 


Parsons School of Design (2023)

Mayo College Girls' School (2019)


Jewelry Design Intern at Tanishq (Dec 2023 – Present)

Design & Production Intern at Eva Fehren (Jun – Sep 2023)

Apprenticeship at Catherine Angiel (Fall 2022 – Fall 2023)

Design Intern at The Vintage Snob (Spring – Summer 2023)

Computer Programming Tutor at The New School


Photography Intern at Maison Miru (2022)

Design Intern at Wenjüe Lu (Summer 2022)

Community Assistant at The New School (Summer 2022)

In-house Designer at Khem Villas (2017 – Present)
Voluntarily taught perspective drawing at Fateh Public School (Summer 2020)

Coordinator of Inferno (2019)

Raised money for reducing hunger (2019)

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