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Carve Your Own Way

Inspired by the work of jewelry designer Polly Wales, I created a unique wax carved chameleon ring with colorful CZ stones set in sterling silver. Through the wax carving process, I was able to bring my design to life and create a piece that truly captures the essence of the chameleon's color-changing abilities. The accompanying earrings feature a similar design and are perfect for completing the look. As a jewelry designer, I strive to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful, and this chameleon set is a true representation of that.

Key Features:

  • Wax carving techniques to create the ring and earrings, which involves sculpting a design in wax and then casting it in metal.

  • Chameleon ring, which features colorful CZs in sterling silver that mimic the colors of a chameleon.

  • Learned about the various techniques used in jewelry-ma

  • king, including wax carving, casting, and stone setting.

  • Developed my design skills, including understanding color and form in jewelry design.

  • Creativity and problem-solving skills, such as finding ways to make my design work within the limitations of the materials and techniques available to me.

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