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Khamma Ghani (Welcome)

Khamma Ghani is an interview booklet that explores the life and journey of Moti Singh Rathore, a successful hotel owner in Jodhpur, India. The title is derived from the Marwari language, which is Moti Singh's mother tongue, and means "Welcome". The interview was conducted in person by the me, and the booklet is an unconventional experiment in type and layout, using playful design elements to capture the essence of Moti Singh's story.


Key Features:

  • Personal interview with Moti Singh Rathore

  • Unconventional typography and layout

  • Playful design elements

  • Exploration of Moti Singh's journey through life and business

Khamma Ghani: An Interview Booklet on Moti Singh Rathore is aimed at anyone interested in personal stories of success, as well as graphic designers, typography enthusiasts and people looking for a dessert resort in India. The booklet will appeal to readers who appreciate innovative approaches to design and storytelling. The booklet will appeal to a broad range of readers, including fans of personal stories, hoteliers, graphic designers, and collectors of unique booklets and zines.

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