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Touch & Learn Museum

Touch & Learn is a hypothetical Museum based in Mumbai.

Mumbai Presents the first of many Touch & Learn Museum opening in 2024. It will be a place for all children to be encouraged in tactile learning, Touch is a very essential sense of our daily lives. Research shows that integrated learning strategies could 1) help people in social and emotional growth and it has even proven to be 2) helpful in not only short term but also long term learning abilities (including math abilities). 3) Overall child development.


The museums goal is to provide the children of today to have a better learning experience. Since everything is available on the internet and is in their reach at all times we must provide them with the right resources at the correct time. For them to have a better social and emotional connect we start from the very young ones.

Audience being Children from 5-10+, All members of the public and Tourists.

Key Features:

  • Created a logo that is visually appealing, and reflects the mission and values of the museum.

  • Developed a consistent visual identity for Touch & Learn that includes a color palette, typography, and other design elements that communicate the brand's personality and values.

  • Created comprehensive brand guidelines that outline how the visual identity should be applied across all touchpoints, ensuring consistency in the brand's messaging and appearance.

  • Designed various marketing collateral such as brochures, posters, and digital ads that effectively communicate the brand message and attract visitors to the museum.

  • Designed the user experience of the museum, ensuring that it is conducive to tactile learning and provides a safe and engaging environment for children.

  • Designed the website for Touch & Learn, ensuring that it is visually appealing, user-friendly.

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